A truly "out of this world" service !

Space Race is hot...don't miss out on an opportunity to fly your product to 100,000 feet so the entire world can see !!!

At eXtreme Space Adventures, our mission is to make flights to the Earth's near-space cost effective, easy to do and for everyone


Stable, shake free and secure

Environment safe flights

FAA Compliant

Guaranteed payload recovery*

Our DIY kits are a easy and cost effective way to conduct your own flights...!!


business promotion

Fly your product, logo, business name to space. Our payloads allow great backgrounds...check our gallery for real photos.

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We fly DSLR, GoPro, Point-n-Shoot, Camcorders. Check the details page for size and weight restrictions and pricing. We offer camera rentals for your convenience.

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space projects

A science school/college project, temp/pressure studies or just about any experiment...we have a low cost and quick solution.

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Get one of our Do-It-Yourself High Altitude Balloon Flight Kits and fly at your own convenience and place...

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