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eXtreme space adventures is a Salt Lake City local business that has been doing near-space flights into the stratosphere at 100,000 ft for the past several years. Encouraged by the prospect of clicking photos of planet Earth, the celestial events like Super Moons, meteor showers, stunning sunsets & sunrises; we have almost perfected the engineering of the helium balloon powered flights to the earth's ozone layer.

We leverage this expertise and experience to offer you a plug-n-play service to bring the experience to your hands. Send us your cameras or simply join us as we fly into the darkness of the space.

If you wish to conduct scientific experiments in stratosphere at an extremely low cost and in an Eco-friendly way, please contact us.

All photograph copyrighted to eXtreme Space Adventures



Economical and hassle-free way to take shots all the way from ground to 100000 ft...we support unlimited possibilities. 

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space experiments

A science school/college project, temp/pressure studies or just about any experiment...we have a low cost and quick solution.

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