the eXperience

Space flights are all about the experience. Right from getting the balloon ready to fly to tracking the payload and retrieving after its descent, its an adventure you will never experience elsewhere and an opportunity you can't let go...

At eXtreme, we make simplify the complexity of a near space flight and make it really easy to send your own equipment into the stratosphere at a cost that is lower than most of your airline tickets. 



If you are an amateur or professional photographer, seeking to capture shots that differentiates your photography, then fly with us. Simple options and even simpler steps to achieve this - 

  • Contact us to discuss your needs
  • Mail us your camera
  • We complete the flight
  • We mail you back your camera with your copyright photos

You are most welcome to be in-person for the flight.


scientific research 

Space is just beginning to be identified as the ultimate laboratory for conducting scientific experiments and related research. Be it taking readings of the water vapor in stratosphere for your study of global warming, or taking temperature and pressure readings of the atmosphere to feed your lab research. eXtreme provides the engineering to you for low cost and an unbelievable ease.

Just contact us for your needs, setup a flight, mail your equipment or bring it in person, we will return your probe back post the flight, with all your results.



We offer adventure tours on our flights for those who seek the thrill of tracking down payloads and retrieving them from rugged mountains, deserts and unexplored areas. Join us on our half-day or full-day tours to learn the engineering behind near space flights, hike miles to some of the scenic places and experience the excitement of finding the landed balloon using geocaching techniques. Families are welcome!