Total Solar Eclipse - Aug 2017

 Picture courtesy Wikipedia

Picture courtesy Wikipedia

Never before...

Man has been watching solar eclipses for the past several thousand years and wondered how God did this. Honestly, we don't care who and how it is done. It is a beautiful event and presents an amazing view to watch.

Team eXtreme has set upon an adventure to capture the total solar eclipse of 2017 during its actual "wow" moments. Equipped with action cameras and DSLRs, we will fly to the stratosphere and capture this unique moment. The flights are designed to fly multiple cameras and science equipment to capture the moments on lens and learn how this impacts the earth's weather as it happens.  If you wish to be part of this adventure with your cameras, sensors or want just to support it, please contact us at

This will also demonstrate our engineering capability to fly into near space zones and enable stable, sustainable and low-cost flights to capture such space events.